Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Canvas Art - Take 1

Always looking for new and original ideas for Christmas of 2009 I decided to mount pics of the kids on canvas. I had 3 sets of two to make, and a set of one.

Drawing on inspiration from paper I stumbled across by Heidi Grace Designs ( which I didnt end up using lol) I came up with the theme "Faith Hope Love Peace Joy".

The single canvas for the boys Grandparents in Perth just had Hope & Love on it.

These canvas were my first time of using Glimmer Mist as well.  There were a learning curve all around and the ones I did last showed improvement in LO and design compared to the first ones (which I forgot to take pics of :-/ )

I had considered adding to the 3D element by mounting the signs they held over the signs in the pics but I only had one set of signs & I couldnt choose which set of canvas to add them to!

I am very proud of what I created :-)

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