Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Scrapbooking MASTERS entry from 2008....

My biggest regret about my Masters entry is that I didnt send it registered post!  I am forever in doubt as to whether my entry was even received, especially when I saw some of the Honorable Mentions in the Keepsake category which seemed a little predictable and unoriginal.

  BUT that is probably my pride pushing through.... :-(

Super Granny ID Card
The Super Granny ID card was my own original idea for the Keepsake Category after having spent several days with Mad Nana & she got the kids hooked on the Super Granny Game.

close up
And finally were my layouts.  Very close to my heart, 100% me.  I gave all of my masters items away to loved ones to enjoy :-)

2 paged LO closed
You have set my heart free!!  The Psalm was picked by Mum, so it was a combined effort.  And yes, those flowers are hand made and took forever!

The 'gates' of the front page opened to reveal the LO inside that recorded our visit to Elsie Cemetery, NT.  It was my second visit & the kids first.  But what took my fancy particularly was the plaque.  Original pic below, and that was what I based the whole LO on.

This touched me so much, to come out into the middle of the Never Never & find a reminder of one persons Faith from so long ago....

And now my Single LO which I am super super proud of.  These Masters entry items still remain the most intricate items I have ever worked on, over a short time period (couple of months).

ReFRESH yourselves with LIVING WATERS....

Mike took this pic with my old Fuji camera.  So cool.  I was off wading in a stream with Novalee while the kids cooled down in a mini waterfall on the big hike around Katherine Gorge.

Oh I should mention my whole Master Entry journey was started by my winning a Kaiser Kraft prize from Scrapbooking Memories.  My wrist was broken, I was bored and miserable, feeling sorry for myself and the parcel came.  I didnt even remember entering the comp.  I had entered heaps for years and never won so I had resigned myself to my 25 words or less entry "I have never won and really want to" and what do you know?? LOL  The box was so huge the Postie had to put it inside the door for me.  I rang mum so excited and unpacked it while i was on the phone.  The papers were gorgeous as you can see from all the LOs and it there were rubons galore!  Also a lot of chipboard albums which I'd never been brave enough to try. All in all it was a $500-600 prize and I knew that Masters entries involved a lot more product and time than a regular page so I put my whole heart into it!  I have been in love with Kaiser paper ever since :-)

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