Friday, July 8, 2011

What it means to be me....

What is it like being 8 Second Ali???

  1. I'm colourblind...yes it's true.  That's why I'm so proud of every picture I take & every scrapbook page or craft item I create :-)
  2. When I say "I remember blah blah blah..." none of my family believe me & often the boys will walk up to me & give me a hug saying "It's okay Mummy, we know you cant help it...."
  3. I know my road rules & I assert them aggressively, whether as a motorist or a pedestrian, so I'm often in danger of getting mowed down by a car :-/
  4. I pray constantly (see above lol)
  5. I love babies, especially my own.
  6. I'm actually not big on conversation although people seem to get the impression that I am.  I prefer long comfortable silences, something my mother has never grasped O.o
  7. I only manage to pen down about 1/10 of the stories that run through my head. :-(
  8. My dad passed without ever telling me that he was proud of anything I'd ever done.
  9. I struggle with authority & routine
  10. I rarely wear matching socks & very rarely get my own underwear back through the wash.
  11. When I make a friend, I try to make them family, because I always wanted a big family.
  12. I love to sing, draw, write, act etc but I was always told not to pursue those things because they dont make money.
  13. I have an addictive personality
  14. I have a short fuse.
  15. I have green hair so I dye it. (See post number 1.)
  16. God loves me in spite of all of the above :-)

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