Monday, October 3, 2011


I am very good at baking usually but it really BUGS me when I cannot get something right, and scones have been whipping my butt for years!  Once....ONCE...I have baked the perfect batch.  Well that's not good enough for me so I am on a new mission to become the SCONE MASTER! lol  I think what frustrates me the most is my Nana Campbell was the QUEEN of scones and she tried to teach me but I just couldnt pick it up.  In my defense all my childhood baking experiences as far as cakes, scones & pikelets go, came out of a box.... O.o

They're not perfect, but they're definitely better than some past attempts. Plus its the TASTE that really matters ;-)

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  1. The verdict? They were a little undercooked in the middle, and a tad prone to falling apart...The challenge continues!!