Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Tech Savvy! might think having a blog is tech savvy in itself.

We've been challenged this year by an increase in required technology from the children's school; namely the introduction of the iPad for Mr Ed in Yr 7, and with Yr 7 looming for Mat in a Hat next year he also needs to meet this requirement.

We recently were able to purchase two refurbished iPads from EB Games & it was during the breaking in of these two items I commented to hubby that I would prefer to blog more than fb, but I fb because it's easy on my phone & I cannot get onto my laptop at the moment, particularly holding a sleeping baby. Suddenly it occurred to me; there are apps for everything these days & I knew there was a Word Press app, so maybe there's an eBlogger app too! So here I am, writing my very first blog post from my iPhone.

An increase in technology may not be a problem in some households but it certainly is in ours. What I find interesting though is that, particularly in our household, when you stumble across someone glued to their smart phone or iPad, the automatic assumption is that they're wasting time on an unimportant task. Now with the kids they're more often than not playing games or in the case of Mr Ed watching Dr Who online :-/ Very rarely do I 'bust' him actually doing homework.

But strangely enough I find myself on the receiving end of this attitude from my husband. I could be reading the Bible on Bible360 & checking cross references on the net at Bible Gateway, or witnessing to a friend via text message, email or fb private message, or even googling something to do with the kids health or the babys milestones but Hubby walks into the room, sees the glow of the screen on my face and instantly assumes that I'm time wasting on Facebook.

Which I find astonishing in itself because I don't hang around fb long. I check in, I check out. I guess it must be the fact that being on these devices is so singular & cuts you off from conversing & interacting with other people in the room. Hubby works away & when he's home he sees no reason for me to be communicating with others via the Internet when I can connect with him in real life, right here, right now. Although I have told him he's not my only friend but I guess in Gods eyes, as my husband, he's my most important friend, certainly my most important & challenging relationship next to that of my children.

Believe me I'd be STOKED if I stumbled upon Ed posting on a blog he'd made for young Christian boys...

Everybody is different though and I guess I shall have to find that middle ground....

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