Sunday, September 30, 2012

Habit vs Addiction

I am on day 10 of a self imposed Facebook ban.


Compared to people who are doing a lot if posting on public comment pages or playing games I don't believe I am on fb a lot. I'm on there OFTEN but I check in then get out again.

Yet I have been taken by surprise by how much I am experiencing an urge to log back on and reactivate my account. I find myself continually picking up my phone, or removing it from my pocket even though I know, I KNOW that 10 days ago I suspended my account.

Obviously I am checking my phone out of habit....but have I crossed the line to addiction...? I'd like to think answer is no, as I have managed to resist the urge to check in. But it is proving harder than I expected. I am consciously stopping myself from logging in; I am also consciously making the effort to check my phone less.

The first week was the hardest.

Just the fact that I am feeling side effects from not being on fb leads me to believe that of course I am doing the right thing to take a break.

There are many good points about fb. I keep in touch with hubby for free; same goes for friends long distances away. I really enjoy reading uplifting posts & scripture from fellow believers & sharing the gospel & such. With fb I have the opportunity to witness to people I would otherwise not even have met or be in contact with!

But there is a negative side also. Although I firmly believe in using something the world created, for the the Glory of God, it was the negative side I wished to escape for a while.

A very big plus has come from this though. I am more aware now of why I wish to be on fb, by what I am missing the most. I miss the ability to SHARE with others. When I do return I will focus more on sharing with others & leave the junk behind. Oh and I will definitely try not to check in so often.

But for now I'm actually quite happy 'offline'. ;-)

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  1. I deleted Facebook off my phone for awhile, was liberating!!!

    Miss reading your posts on there but am loving your blog.