Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wedding Card 'Book'....

Saw it on Pinterest....totally nailed it! Lol

From the first time I saw this idea I so wanted to do it. Although I am fairly organised & have the kids special things from their birth in their own box, over the years some extra cards have been chucked into the boxes as well for want of a better place to put them....

Anyway I started with cards from my wedding which were also in their own special keepsake box but now it is much easier to store them neatly within the box.

I have a drawer in my scrap room (which I share with No 6) that I toss ribbon & wrapping memorabilia into as the years pass and finally with this project it paid off. I had in the drawer many pieces of ribbon and gauze from the gifts we had received some 8 years ago, so I put them to use decorating the jump rings & tying the book closed. The project was also a nice walk down memory lane.

I also sorted out some extra cards that had made it into my girls keepsake boxes as they corresponded with their years of birth. I ended up with a stack of birthday cards for myself, birthday & Fathers Day cards for hubby, and bereavement cards from my fathers passing in 2009. I have not decorated the rings on these yet as I feel there maybe more cards stashed somewhere, but they are much easier to store and view now & with any if these cards if I decide in the future to add then to a scrap book it won't be a big deal to take the selected card out, cover up the punch holes maybe, and add it to a LO.

Am very pleased with today's efforts, took about an hour :-)

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