Thursday, May 30, 2013

FREE to sing!

It is so rewarding to have a clear vision for an art/craft project & see it come to pass.

I felt that way about my Tree of Life canvases & I feel this way about my latest work.

These are two basic Kaisercaft chipboard  bird plaques that I picked up on special for $5.

From the beginning I had a clearly defined idea for the single bird & copied it for the two birds although the layout had to be slightly different.

This was my very first time using crackle medium & you can probably tell from the pictures which bird was my first attempt.
After the crackle medium didn't turn out how I expected I hit the Internet to do some research before my second attempt, which I am much much happier with.

My initial ideas with the birds had been to fill them with smalls balls made out of scrunched up paper/book pages, but when I tested it out it didn't transfer across the way I pictured it in my mind. So instead I employed what is basically a decoupage technique that I am happier with as you can still read the writing on the strips of book pages (yes they are Bible pages). It was time consuming but I am very pleased with the result :-)

I'm not sure how well it shows up in the picture but the second bird is filled in with Dimensional Magic, as are both wings.

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