Monday, July 8, 2013

Wedding Scrapbook

Next year I've been married 10 years.

In 2005 I started working on my wedding scrapbook while waiting for a new baby to arrive.

Life got in the way, my 'baby' turns 9 in August & my wedding scrapbook is still incomplete.  

I'm totally sold on project life, but in regards to the wedding album, I need to finish what I started you know? So here are some collages of pages I've churned out lately. And I do mean churn. 

Simple is the key to a speedy result. I share a room with Miss 1 but the only time I have free to scrapbook is when she's asleep and therefore the room is OCCUPIED! I tried setting up at the dinner table but that was no good on an ongoing basis so I've set up a temporary space in my bedroom. And I do mean temporary. Hubby works away 2/1 so I need to pack down the trestle table and move all the scrapbook paraphernalia out before he arrives home for break. 

So I need to have everything I can't do without for a page available at my 'space'. If I discover little things I need to finish the page like letters or an embellishment still in a drawer it's not so bad. But sewing is pretty much O-U-T out!

In the past as my skill increased the pages became quite elaborate but now I'm trying to pump out one page a day minimum, with little fuss, but still a result I can live with. :-)

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