Monday, August 19, 2013

Mother & Daughter Canvas

My husbands cousin, who I've formed a lovely friendship with, admired the Sisters Canvas I made so I offered to make her something similar to commemorate her eldest child's 18th birthday in December. 

As mum & daughter have slightly varied tastes it was good that I had two pieces planned. 

Robyn said that she liked bright & fun whereas her daughter likes darker colours, similar to the original Sisters canvas.

The concept was for the two pieces to mirror each other exactly; but one represent day & the other night.

 But as I planned them out it was just little things that I felt needed changing. The most noticeable differences are the sun & moon. 

For whatever reason the moon didn't feel right on the right hand side of the canvas.

Anyway they turned out almost exactly as I had envisioned them! So very very happy with the result :-) They are both very beautiful in their own right, one light & bright and the other conveys the sense of a cocktail party almost.

Can't wait to pop them in the post!! :-D

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