Sunday, September 1, 2013

MY Girls....

I wanted to do a very special school holiday project with my girls; and we did!

I helped Miss 4 & Miss 8 complete their own girl canvases. 

Originally they were going to consist of one 'girl' & one 'older girl' representing me, but as we worked there was a desire to increase the bond between two of my 'middle' children, so we changed it to the two girls & me per canvas.

The two girls each chose their own backing colour, splatter colours & the paper for their own girls dress.

They also painted their own canvas although I did provide some assistance to Miss 4 with the splattering part.

As these canvases were going to be displayed in each little girls room I decorated them just a touch more than I normally would.

To complete the girl bonding experience my eldest girl, Miss newly 20, put together the corner clusters for me; the process of putting them together got pushed back a little due to a pesky flu that would not leave me alone, so my big girl helped me in the final stages to get it DONE before the Arty Farty Peeps afternoon tea to be held at our house the next afternoon.

I'm so happy with what we achieved in a project that ended up spread over a few weeks, and the girls love them!

Pride of place in our home!! :-D

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