Saturday, September 28, 2013


Have been a bit quiet online lately recovering from pneumonia & battling some personal demons let's say. 

But still been super busy with the kids as always; baking & crafting etc. I have also been battling to increase my personal fitness again for most of this year, something which has obviously been hampered by catching pneumonia :-(

The girls worked on competition entries for the Premiers Reading challenge during this term. It was challenging explaining to Miss 4 about competitions & how you don't 'go there' to where it is.

One of my boys went on his first camp which was to Shark Bay. 

We also let our kittens out of their run, as they're not really kittens any more, so we've been busy keeping all the animals flea free so they can come inside.

I think my emotional reflections lately have been brought on by working on Project Life; which at the moment involves sorting through old Polaroids from my childhood. My Dad passed away in 2009 and I deliberately don't look at photos much any more, which is not necessarily a good thing either....

Also one of our cats is getting quite old which has me feeling very sad; thinking about how quickly the years have passed  & dissecting whether I've used the years wisely, especially in regards to my children.

Anyway, 3rd term holidays are here. School holidays are my favourite time of the year & my expectations are high. Lots of walks with the kids, lots of craft, Singstar & naps!  Where ever you are in the world as you read this; hug your children tight, never refrain from telling them how much you love them & never grow tired of drinking in the sight of them. Xx

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