Saturday, October 19, 2013

Called by Name (2)

A special canvas for a special friend of mine.

God is so good. I asked God for a message to put on my girl canvases, to make them more than just pretty & decorative. He gave me Isaiah 43:1.

After I had made these two last canvases, God gave me another idea for a new uplifting message & I briefly thought "I wish I'd had this new idea before making Tiffany's canvas." But this is where God is so awesome.

Isaiah 43:1 holds a special meaning for my friend. So she was very very happy to receive the canvas I had made just for her, after God had put her on my heart.

Recently I have prayed to God "Lord how can I create something so beautiful & still reach out with a message to my non believing friends, without causing offence?"

I cannot wait to show you the results based on the answer He gave me!! :-D

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