Saturday, October 5, 2013

Called By Name

When I am struck by inspiration it really is a 'sit up straight in bed in the middle if the night' kind of thing.

God gave me such a clear vision for my latest canvas & I got started on it straight away. But then for some reason, after I had created & painted the back ground as I had seen it in my mind, I stalled out. 

I knew what came next but just....didn't have the enthusiasm to do it...! Anyway about two weeks dragged by & I gave myself a pep talk & a bit of a kick in the pants.

 The remaining elements only took me two days. I have planned to do more in a similar style so my goal next time is to get it done in 3 days. It's possible!

And I LOVE the end result. Even though I have made this canvas for a particular young lady, I considered keeping it for myself. It is just beautiful.

I have at least two more planned as Christmas gifts. 

As with my Tree of Life canvases, I am just so thankful to God when He provides me with such a clear concept :-)

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