Thursday, November 21, 2013

Washi....A sanity saver!

I wasn't originally fussed either way in regards to Washi Tape. When I first took time to have a look at some at one of my local Scrapbooking stores, the only ones available were all black & white.

It was only when people started posting all these uses for it on Arty Farty Peeps & Pinterest that I took a look on eBay to get an idea of exactly what was out there. 

Well there was heaps of variety. I almost bought some from eBay but around the same time I was considering, the afore mentioned shop got a new shipment in promising lots of variety, so I went to check it out.....and left with two hands full of Washi Tape! :-/

But I didn't just purchase randomly. An idea had already started to form in my mind. I make a lot of photo gifts for the grandparents. And although I try to mix it up a bit, I end up frequently using chipboard albums or shapes; partly because I still have a stash from my Kaiser prize I won in 2008 & partly because they are well priced, cute & post well. 

In fact for the project I'm sharing today, I originally had canvas in mind. Picture me standing in Spotlight with every available space in the pram wedged with blank canvases! And then common sense kicked in. Every year I plan & make these great craft items & forget that it is a nightmare trying to post them. I am freed up a little this year as we're driving to Perth for Christmas but I still have to post a parcel to Tennant Creek, NT. So I talked myself down & challenged myself to come up with a more post friendly way to achieve the same idea; a chipboard album.

Now here's the thing; with the few chipboard albums I have worked on, I really disliked having to paint the edges before covering the 'pages' with paper. It's a small thing I know but it seems like such a time wasting activity. And this is where the Washi Tape came in. I visualised using the Washi Tape around the edge of the chipboard and then gluing down the paper over the top. I already had a pastel colour theme in mind so I had purchased accordingly, with a couple of extras.

I'm happy to say the the Washi Tape behaved exactly as I wanted it to! It was quick, easy & stress free. :-)

My original idea had been to put the kids footprint or handprint on a canvas together with a photo of the child. I think I've done a really good job of reinterpreting my original idea.

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