Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hootabelle Birthday Cake

You may remember my Hoot cake as posted recently.

My mum came over during the process of my making that cake and watched very keenly how I did it. We had also previously looked at pictures of Hoot & Hootabelle cakes on Pinterest.

My mum is a very organised woman & takes her cakes very very seriously. In the old days she used to enlarge pictures by hand using the grid method, to make them big enough to use as a template. She has also used the grid method to apply the icing to a cake.

She used a printed picture of Hootabelle to make Miss 2's cake and the memory of how I had constructed Hoot. That's it.

I'm still very proud of the Hoot cake I made but there is no doubt my mums Hootabelle is above and beyond. :-)

Squidgy, aka Miss 2, was very excited by the cake and said Hootabelle over and over.

I would just like to note that my mum uses packet cake mixes & premade fondant icing which she dyes herself.

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