Thursday, May 29, 2014


Some of you may know that I attended the  birth of my good friends baby girl. At the request of my friend I took pictures of the occasion.

It was a Supernatural Childbirth, of that there is no doubt. A series of prints really spoke to me.

They spoke of the connection between the birthing mother & the midwife, as the family prayed at the bedside. For me it was doubly special as the midwife that came on shift just during transition phase, was my SIL, whose births I have also attended :-)

As a special gift for my friend & my SIL I made my own print set of black & whites for them. I tried to find a product commercially that fit my needs but could not. I was really keen for an Artifact Uprising product but the books had too many pages, that couldn't be removed & the square print sets either cut my SIL or my friend out of the image, which negated the whole point of the photos :-/ 

Eventually I decided to make something myself. Being handmade, hand cut, the lines are not perfect, but I am still very proud of what I have made & most of all, the images.

The photos are of a personal nature and may not be to everyone's taste but for my SIL it's an opportunity for her to share what she does with others, if she so chooses, or pop the lid on the box & tuck the photos away safely in a cupboard.

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