Wednesday, May 14, 2014

IQS - Day 2

It was time to go shopping, looking specifically for the products I had read about in the book. I wasn't necessarily ready to buy, I mostly wanted to scope out availability & prices. 

The layout of our local Woolworths store is very confusing (I usually go to Coles) so that was probably my biggest stumbling block in finding what I wanted.

Straight up I found one form of coconut milk.

My next find was Stevia. I was excited it came in a large container & wasn't too too expensive, but when I looked at the panel on the back, it contained sugar...! Say what?? 

I picked up a box of Stevia that had individual sachets & checked the sugar. And then I perused the other items on the shelf. A lot of the boxes etc said WITH Stevia. The original container I had picked up said Stevia SWEET. 

So first lesson, even Stevia is not always true Stevia. Should have seen that on closer inspection the Stevia Sweet, which had added sugar, was twice the price of the box of Stivia that I ened up grabbing. Bonus!

I ended up grabbing a few of the ingredients I thought I could use to make a sugar free smoothie. 

Next stop on my walk was the Health Food shop. There I found coconut oil & raw cacao nibs. Very exciting. My most expensive buy of the day was definitely the coconut oil. Everything else I felt was reasonably priced, keeping in mind I expected to pay a little more for sugar free items than regular purchases.

For lunch I made Miss 20 & I omelette using the coconut oil, just because. :-) It was delish!

About 3:30-4pm I started feeling like I'd start snapping necks if I didn't get some Pringles, which is unusual for me as I don't do a lot of snacking & chips aren't usually my first choice if I do! Anyway I ended up standing in the pantry & nibbling some nuts (as you do) and drank  heaps of water & the temptation passed. In fact when dinner time rolled around I felt full before I even ate.

So now we come to my fail for the day. Raw cacao nibs.... I admit it. I drank the cool aid. The IQS book says you can get your chocolate hit from eating raw cacao nibs & I believed :-/. Let's just say I hope they'll taste better when mixed into my smoothie because eating them straight from the pack as recommended...GAGG! I ended up having to eat some real chocolate to get the taste of the cacao nibs out of my mouth...FAIL!!

But today, day 3, is a new day! :-D

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