Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cheaters Pennant Banner ;-)

It possibly may have been cheaper to make a banner from scratch but I needed one in a hurry!

On my mad dash into Spotlight for party supplies last week I vaguely remembered seeing a plain white premade canvas banner. I think the idea was to paint the canvas but my idea was to cut triangles of my chosen materials & stitch them to the canvas bunting. 

So as the party got closer and I still had NOTHING I dashed back to Spotlight & grabbed some. Good thing I waited because it had been $10 for a pack of six canvas triangles & their string the first time, but I got them on sale a week later, $6 a pack :-) 

These are my triangles ready to go. Below shows what they looked like one they were stitched to the canvas.

They required a little bit of trimming around the edges & once they were threaded I had to place one line of stitching across the top of each triangle to stop the material from flopping around once the banner was hung.

Finished and ready to go!

Hanging up at the party! 

Only took me a couple of hours; gotta be happy with THAT!! :-D

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