Sunday, June 29, 2014

Door Sign - Craft

Helped a friend get her craft groove kick started. We went shopping together a while back to grab basic supplies. We both topped up on what was needed from our own collection of 'things' at home.

The request was a door sign for a 1 yr old girls room, but not too girly; they are not really into pink. And the budget was minimal which is why we used as many items from our own supply as we could.

We cut the animals out of off cuts from the wallpaper that already decorates the little girls room. The letters of her name were cut with the Cricut, from complementary scrapbooking paper. All paint is Kaisercraft.

This is a good example of how great a basic low budget craft project can be.

As long as you take the time to plan and work on layers you can create something really great. 

Allowing for layers & paints to dry, including Dimensional Magic, we probably could have knocked this sign out in 2-3 days; but working around 2 households of kids & hubby's & all the others chores & demands that come with  our role as Mummies, it took us about a month.

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