Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enjoy the Little Things

My husband & I have been married 10 years in August & I have only just recently been able to see my Mother in Law more regularly. 

We've made two trips to the NT to see her & she has made 3 trips to see us, until recently. At Christmas we went down to be with my husbands family & received a surprise visit from my MIL. That made two visits in less than 12 months.

She's now living in Perth & plans to stay with us regularly.

You may wonder at my excitement, and it is for me, I love my MIL and enjoy spending time with her, but it's for my children I am most excited.

When my Oma died in 1998 that visit to see her was going to be the 3rd time I had met her. I was 22 and I didn't even know if she would still be alive by the time we arrived from West coast to East.

We got to spend some time with her, my mother, brother, daughter & I. She spoke about things that were on her heart; the younger generation, her fears the world hadn't really learned from both World Wars...and then she passed away, 2 of her 3 daughters with her.

I had experienced a similar limited relationship with my Fathers Mother until I moved down to Perth when my eldest daughter was still an infant. She only lived an hours drive from me and I loved putting Lyssa in my car & taking her to visit Nana Campbell. 

But I only spent two years in Perth before moving North again. When I made rare travels to Perth I still went to visit but eventually those petered out due to her health. My Nana Campbell lived to be 97. She outlived my own 75 year old Father by just 3 months. But none of us had seen her in years as she had dementia & visiting her was upsetting for my dad & his family. 

I have a very special picture of my Miss 9 who was then just a baby. We drove down especially see Nana Campbell as we were told she would pass soon. She didn't know us, or the baby, but chatted happily & held her great grand daughter while we took photos, & I held her frail arm and prayed for her. She lived another 5 years. :-)

My children have been very fortunate that they have grown up with Grandparents living in the same town. Miss Almost 21 had 15 quality years with her Nan & Gramps before Gramps sadly passed away. The rest of the kids didn't get so much time, but they made the most of it and I certainly cherished it. 2 little grand daughters missed out. 

This is why I am so excited about my MIL being around more often. It's her time to be with the Grandkids, enjoy their company & let them get to know her. But it's also the younger children's time to learn what a wonderful relationship can be had now, to be cherished in later years :-)

My children won't just share stories they've heard of their Mad Nana, they will KNOW them & it will be THEIR children who will hear the stories.

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