Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Slightly Different Art Journal

I had really wanted to give my daughter something sentimental for her 21st. My own parents had given me earrings & a mizpah charm which was engraved on the back. I wanted to give her something like that. My husband wanted to give her a practical gift so we purchased her a brand new laptop. She had only ever received hand me down computers.

A friend of mine came up with a wonderful gift idea for her daughter who was turning 18 & she was kind enough to share the idea with me.

Remember UP! ? Ellie has an adventure book which later becomes Karl's. My friends idea was to give her daughter her own adventure book. 

I went in a slightly different direction with the adventure book. I wanted a scrapbook that would be my daughters, captured some of her past & present to take with her, with 'the future' being soley hers.

I found a suitable journal straight away from The Scrapbook House. It was a good quality art journal. Due to a few things going on at home though I packed it away for a bit...and promptly forgot about it!

With about 10 days to go until party time I suddenly remembered it again. Panic stations! I could only work on it while my daughter was away at her night job. So I sat up every night she worked, until midnight, in order to get it finished. 

And then like the complete dumbo I am, on the day of her party, I was so caught up in hosting the perfect party, I forgot to give it to her! :-/ 

Anyway I remembered at a time where some of her close friends were still hanging around watching her unwrap her gifts. So I gave it to her & she 'got it' straight away & was very happy with it. 

I am very proud of what I made. I still need to add some journaling but over all this was a win. The finished result matched my vision :-)


  1. Such a beautiful and personal gift from a loving mother to her first daughter, well done Ali! X.

  2. Thanks alot Collette. So glad I got it done &,done reasonably well :-)