Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Radio Silence...

I haven't been blogging much lately & the simple reason is, aside from being incredibly busy preparing for 2 birthday parties; I had 3 weeks of school holidays to amuse freaks through, my MIL staying with us for 6 weeks (which is awesome!!), wildflower spotting expeditions, swapping kids rooms around & my 10th wedding anniversary celebration (STAYcation) with my hubby. 

But throughout all this my beloved iPhone that I do EVERYTHING I can on, including write my blogs, has been playing up! So I am eagerly awaiting my replacement device, but until it arrives, on top of everything else, I have to get as much as I can off my old phone & have to weigh up the pros & cons of what can be done now in regards to blogs & what can be posted later, because this phone is getting harder & harder to work with :-(

So I am still out here. There will soon be posts about my daughters Lalaloopsy Party & Big Misses 21st party. 

Will be chatting with you again soon. :-)

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