Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Hat!

Miss 21 found a very well presented tutorial on YouTube (via Pinterest) on how to make your own party hat. 

You can view the video here.

We had to watch it through twice to fully understand the components and how the whole thing fit together but that was because the picture in our mind of how it should work was different to the reality.

While we made the hat we also had the video playing on the TV screen & we paused & rewound as needed until we were finished. 

I didn't take as many photos during the process as I should have as I was feeling a little stressed out that day, but I took a couple which I'm glad of now.

But once you watch the video you'll get the gist of where we were at in these pics :-)

Adding the final decorations was probably the hardest part as in the video the stems have soft wire to bend but everything miss 21 brought home had stiff nonbendable stems :-/

 As you can see Miss 21 was very happy with the results :-)

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