Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lemon & Cumin Lamb

This is my go to marinade for lamb chop night!

But you can use it on any cut of lamb.  Mutton steaks were really cheap when my boys were little & I used this recipe all the time. Delish!

Simply marinade your lamb cut of choice in olive oil & cumin. The amounts really dont matter. Enough oil to coat your meat & a generous amount of cumin. You want to know it's there.

An hour or more is great, but honestly this can be done right before cooking, its that easy.

Sear the first side of your meat in your pan.  When you've turned your meat to cook the second side, squirt lemon juice straight into the pan, over the meat (watch out! It spits!)

Continue to cook until the lamb is as you like it.

That's it.

A winner every time.... ;-)

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