Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ahead of Her Time...Part 1

I have been thinking a lot about my mother lately and the realization that has come to me is that she really was a woman ahead of her time...possibly out of place even. If she had be born into another family, about 20-30 years later and in another country she could have rivaled Martha Stewart. But then she probably wouldn't have been my mum.

Why another family? My grandfather was very strict, the details I wont go into, & the result is that my mother has never really been one to put herself forward or promote herself to others. She knows her own achievements and is happy to bask in her own glow requiring praise or confirmation from no one. It is almost secretive the way she operates. That way she is not exposed to unwanted comment or criticism I guess.

Why another country? Well...I guess just because Martha Stewart is American & I associate being American with having the confidence to back your ideas & dreams. Australians do too, now, but we are a young country compared to the US so we have been slower as a nation to fully jump on board with people having marketable qualities.

If my mother was a young woman today with avenues to easily share your work with others such as Pinterest etc,  options to sell your work to the world such as Esty, I think her life would have taken her on a possibly more self satisfying journey.

As it was in the 80's my mother was considered a bit of a strange creature compared to other women where we lived. She wasn't interested in exercising the new found freedom of working once your children went to school. A brilliant woman she had been denied an education by her father. In today's world she could have returned her attention to her education as her small children grew, but in the 80's, living in a remote location, no internet as we enjoy today, that was not an option.

She seemed happy to be a homemaker in the full sense of the word, during the middle of an era where homemaking or stay at home mothers were no longer valued. If you didn't have your own job you were an appendage of your husband. She struggled to have her identity recognized in this new age. We've only just seen a turn around in those attitudes as we ended the Naughties. Its pretty cool these days to be a stay at home mum who flourishes in her role as homemaker & homeschooling mums are everywhere. With so many tools at our finger tips the one on one time teaching your child is an advantage & a luxury, not a handicap.

In this series of blog posts I will endeavor to share what an amazingly talented woman my mother was (is) & how confined she was by her times. If only to show us how 'easily' our own goals and dreams can be achieved in today's world. Sometimes you don't know where you are until you have seen where you've been. I aim to share with you just one woman's humble story.

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  1. Wow, well done on showcasing a wonderful woman in her own right.