Friday, December 5, 2014

Things I hope I'm teaching my children (that my parents never taught me...) Part 2

2. To cook:

Strangely enough my mother believes she sent me off into the world with a foundational knowledge of cooking; she had taught me how to make scrambled eggs & how to bake piklets, scones & cakes, all using packet mixes. -_-

My mother was ahead of her time & steamed all our vegetables, including potatoes (*gag*), all our meat was cooked in a vertical grill but she rarely used any spices so the food was very bland.

I was 12 years old before I'd tasted a cream sauce or gravy & was introduced to mashed potatoes, all because I spent the night at a friends house for the very first time!

Even the salad we ate as children came out of a can. The only fresh vegetable in our salads was tomato.  The rest was all pickled :-/

I didn't know what real cake mix looked like until I saw Pippa on Home & Away making one. It was so firm!  Packet cake mixes are so runny and thin... *shudders*

Even to this day my mother cannot understand why I bake from scratch when she sees it as much easier to tear open a packet. 

Funnily enough though, after watching an episode of Master Chef, I spoke with my children about their favourite food memories and not one of them mentioned any of my cakes or baking. Their favourite food memories were all savoury dinner type recipes. Was not expecting that!  

My favourite food memories are of the party food my mum used to make for my birthday.  The main reason it tasted so good? It was the only thing she ever baked/made from scratch (except for the cake which was a packet mix).

Everything I know about cooking, I actually taught myself once I left home!

But I am confident that every single one of my children will be able to find a recipe, grab the ingredients, follow the method and cook up whatever their hearts desire :-)

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