Monday, March 2, 2015

Heroes of the Ashes Book One : The Ache Inside Part 1

I'm still working out how Wattpad works but I believe if I upload some pics here I can link them to parts of my work over there.

You cant seem to just add pictures to your Wattpad documents although I admit I have not yet had time to Google it as Miss 21 keeps telling me.

I thought I would also take the time to discuss how my book cover was made.

Firstly I used a picture of Miss 9 taken at Christmas time at Drummonds Cove beach.

 It was completely un-posed and I had not even heard of Wattpad at the time let alone been thinking about pictures that would be suitable for book covers. The picture was taken on my Nokia FABlet.

Then using Photoshop I overlaid a picture from our first WA/NT trip in 07/08 where we are heading to wards the Giles Meteorological Station, and Warrakurna Roadhouse, close to the NT border. Notice the white sand, which was unexpected. We thought we'd have red 'bull dust' all the way, especially after traversing the road that takes you from Tjukayirla Roadhouse to Warburton.

Then I had a picture of the chapel at Tardun taken when members of our church visited and where hoping to buy the facility.

I would have to say that my favourite result that was achieved with this process is that Miss 9 looks like the Waiting Lady statue that can be found at the HMAS Sydney Memorial here in Geraldton, and since part of Esthers journey is based in Geraldton it was a beautiful little incident of serendipity.

I also have photos of the Tardun buildings that I will share in this post.

Beautiful aerial shot above.

The picture above shows the red dirt prevalent in the area.

The diagram above shows the sizes of the parcels of land in our setting.

These next two shots show the front of the building proper with the covered walkway that joins to the chapel across the way.

 When I first started penning this idea in my teens I imagined my own highschool as the setting. I've lived in Geraldton for 17 years now and for reasons that will become clear in future chapters, there was no way that this story could not be set in the Geraldton/Midwest region.  The presence of a real life building such as Tardun is a bonus.

When I originally chose Tardun as a setting it had been vacanct for quite some time. It has however recently been sold.  This will not affect how I move forward in Esthers story as it is fiction after all.

The original pics and credits for the photos can be found here, here, here and here.

Esthers journey has been something I started writing when I was 14 years old. Over the years it has almost become a completely different story from how it started except for the underlying theme of a young girl/woman battling on her own in a post apocalyptic type environment.

 I believe the best writing I have contributed to this work has been within the last 5-6 years.

Now that I have committed to uploading chapters I feel both euphoric and freaked out. What if its not ready to be shared? I keep asking myself. And also, I'm almost through the first part of Esther story. A lot of the last part is written, but the middle section of her story "The End of Life as You Know It" is largely written only in my mind. I have started to freak out thinking once Esthers story is written, it will be finished!

I hope that when I get to THE END that her story feels finished for me.

Then I will know I have been successful in sharing her story.

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