Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Heroes of the Ashes: Book 2 - How the cover was made

As with the first book, I wanted to share a little about how the cover of The Heroes of the Ashes: The End of Life as You Know it, was made.  

Keeping in line with the next part of Esthers journey, which is actually the FIRST part of her journey, where we hear how she and Marybelle met and came to be in charge of a group of children, I once again used my own photos, including pictures of my children, taken right here in Geraldton.

The sunset shot was important because the beach, the ocean, the port, the silos, the Lighthouse; all  of these things scream Geraldton when we see them in pictures.

My choice was a picture I took as the kids enjoyed the beach at sunset late last year, as summer had started and we were desperate for school holidays. We were taking drives out late on a Sunday afternoon and enjoying our beautiful ocean, which I'm actually not that fond of, but I'm trying lol

My second photo of choice was from the Sunshine Festival last year.  The girls and I went down late and caught maybe the last hour of the live music that was playing. I'm not a jazz fan but the girls were totally digging the music and Miss 21 and I sat in the shade and watched the 3 of them dance. But it was Miss 5 who totally had me enthralled. She danced with such joy on her face and total abandonment of any self consciousness of anyone who may be watching.

My children are not directly represented in any way in these novels, but the photos I used embody the innocence that is a part of our every day life, not just me, but all of us who live in this country Australia. And it is  that innocence of everyday life that becomes lost to Esther, as we follow her back to where her story began.

Now  I must share with you; the cover is a bit of a teaser.  

This section of Esthers story is largely unwritten, compared to the rest of her tale, and I'm not sure where it will take me, so I have included The Ache Inside Part II on the cover, as we cannot leave poor Esther being shook to bits by Eden forever. 

We must get back to their story and move forward with them.

I hope you join me on the next part of this journey. 

I hope to have the first chapter up soon.

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