Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Miss 21's Garden Tea Inspired Birthday Party

After Lyssas dismal 18th birthday party (lack of attendance, not due to lack of effort on my part, and a few teenage girl issues we were dealing with at the time...) I told her I'd never throw her another party again. That was it.

But time always works as a great healer on me. I can get over anything, given time. So around the time she timidly asked me for a purple pavlova for her 19th birthday, I was ready to start planning for her 21st.

21 was going to be different!  I was DETERMINED!

The Pinterst board can be found here.  These were some of the decorations we hung in the trees.

Originally we had discussed a Mad Hatters Tea Party but everyone seemed to be doing that at the time and we didn't want to be doing the same as everyone else.

We also talked about a Steam Punk themed party but to be honest with the amount of activity and themed parties I was already doing that year I just got tired thinking about it so we decided to make her 21st a Garden Tea and invited guests to put on their best wedding/Melbourne cup day head wear, which encouraged people to also dress up in a pretty dress etc. We even had a gentleman in a top hat!

My plan had been to make Lyssa a top & skirt to go with the beautiful corset she had purchased online; but things did not go well as a whole (including screaming children at Spotlight) so although I cut all the pieces out we ended up making a mercy dash to Target in the last days and found a suitable blouse & skirt, which we had not been able to several months prior. So you can see there was a lot of plan A plan B plan C going on in the lead up to the day.

We had an antique shop not far from us which I visited and they had started up a hire business, Geraldton Vintage Wedding Hire. You can find them on Facebook here.  They had the big wooden  picture frames that everyone was using at weddings etc instead of a photo booth but we got the big chair in the photos at a really great hire rate and they dropped it off and collected it the next day. This chair together with our garden created the back drop, and it gave the party a little Alice in Wonderland feel which was nice.

So of course it rained on the day -_- and we kept the chair under cover until until the rain cleared enough for us to quickly bust out the photos. Because of this we missed some people who had already left but those who were able to wait had a great time with the chair as a prop.

Lyssa struggling to sit on the chair (^^^^)  elegantly with her corset :-/

I have blogged previously about how we made Lyssas top hat here.

This (^^^^) is one for the dating profile....

Julie & Coralie have known Lyssa since she was 3.

Below: some of the ladies Lyssa has met through hanging out with me & the Freaks all these years...

The cake is a Donna Hay recipe. Thankfully a friend of mine had leant me her Donna Hay Kids Party magazine collection earlier in the year and I had gone through on what can only be described as a scanning BINGE and copied every single recipe I may ever want to use.

My SIL & I with the cakes  ^^^

NAW.....some appreciation for her Mummy.....

I couldn't have managed the lead up and the whole event without the help of my MIL, Mum, husband and SIL who were a great help on the day. It's all about family folks. The rest is just food ;-)

Before the day Lyssa knew I had put her baby album photos and cards into a new acid free album but she did not know that I was secretly working on an Adventure Book that I could only bring out on nights when she worked. I blogged about the Adventure Book here.  I wanted to give her something that would encourage her to think more about adventures she can have in the future, while she's still young; even places her work can take her....

^^^ Loving the chair a little too much.....

All in all I was very happy with the event. It could have been MORE but with the year I was having I was just glad that the guests and most importantly Lyssa enjoyed herself. Especially when her best friend from high school was able to be there.

There were loved ones missing from the day, no doubt, but those who were able to attend are so very very special to us as well.

Lyssa and her Nan

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