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I'm a little behind in catching up with my party blogs but I am ticking them off the list one at a time.

For my birthday last year Miss 21 bought me all 6 seasons of LOST which we watched through TWICE. I kid you not. I hadn't set out for it to be that way but we had just finished watching all 6 seasons the first time when MIL known affectionately as Mad Nana came to stay with us and she had never seen LOST so the kids were pretty keen to share the experience with her, and off we went again! :-/

When September was rolling around I felt I needed to start looking ahead to Mr almost 15s birthday in November. The kids were bugging me to watch LOST for a THIRD time and I was determined to hold out against their pressure. But that's when the idea for a LOST themed party started to come together in my mind.

As always once the theme was set I created my Pinterest board, which can be found here.

It didn't seem like it would be that hard. There was plenty of sites on Pinterest sharing the Dharma labels for the food and a few extra easter eggs for the die hard fans like us who had hung in for all 6 seasons. I did a trip to our local food wholesaler to see exactly what I could get in super sized containers, mostly condiments, and planned the menu around that.

Super sized items I purchased were;
Tomato sauce
Barbecue sauce
Peanut Butter
We put Dharma labels on those.


Miss 5 & 9 as child Kate & Shannon trying to get a mobile signal on the island.

I purchased a box of small bottles of water & another of generic soft drink, the size similar to what you might be given on a plane, and we attached a mix of Dharma, Oceanic Air & Ajira Airways labels on those. At home we also use shop brand oj concentrate and the suppliers had just changed from cartons to little plastic bottles so I saved those over several weeks, washed them and the day before the party refilled them with orange juice. They were also given the Dharma label treatment.
Hubby, for the greater good, purchased some large buckets of KFC several weeks before party day. Once empty we cleaned them as best we could. From the supermarket I purchased pre-crumbed & spiced chicken that we cooked in the oven. The KFC buckets got covered in Mr Clucks Chicken labels and then filled with the oven fried chicken.

Miss 21 dutifully applying labels.....

I wanted to play LOST music while guests were arriving, eating and generally waiting for the show to start. I was able to get both musical scores and songs played on the episodes online. There are complete lists for both at LOST wiki.

On the day we cooked pork on a spit roaster but we referred to it as Boar.  Accompanying all this was bread rolls, Dharma labelled margarine and corn chips in bowls. It was a fine feast.

I had also used the Tiny Teddies biscuit recipe, found here, to make fish biscuits; the fish shaped cutter being purchased from eBay.

Little fish biscuits & my 'sand' for the cake.

But the best part of the night was the outdoor cinema we set up, fire pit burning off to the side for that authentic island feel, and as soon as the sun went down, Mr 15 and his friends settled in to watch as much LOST as they could in 3 hrs.

'Russo, Desmond & Hurley'

'Sayid, Sawyer, US Marshal & Kate, complete with pistol & hand cuffs'

'Kate & Desmond'

A week or two before the event Mr almost 15 approached me with concerns that his friends wouldn't get the references and the 'in' gaggs because none of them had watched LOST. But as I explained to him the theme, the kitchness and in jokes were for him. It was HIS party and he liked LOST. His friends just needed to turn up looking like a cast away or someone from the show, which we gave them information about on the invite, eat the food and enjoy the show.

I chose my favourite posters & images from my Pinterest board and printed them off to hang up outside to help set the mood.

Miss 21 came up with the idea for the cake, and thankfully it was a nice simple idea that would be easy to pull off.

After I had purchased the fish cutter I revisited my Pinterest board and rediscovered the Pin for the large fish biscuits Sawyer gnaws on in the polar bear cage. It included the recipe and a print out for the very large biscuit. I decided these would be great to put 1 each in a brown sandwich bag as the take home party bag, which they were really too old for but it was funny. Included in the bag was their own copy of the recipe and the biscuit template so they could make more at home if they wanted to.

When it was almost time for the evening to come to an end we quickly showed them the recap from the beginning of Season 6; which condenses 5 seasons of LOST into 8 minutes. Feedback Mr 15 received from the party was that most of his friends had gone home and continued to watch LOST, as they had really enjoyed watching it at the party.

Because of the big party year we had last year, with baby showers and 21sts etc, our LOST party was quite simple. As you'll see from my Pinterest board, with more time you could take it to a whole other level.

Hubby as 'John Locke'

I myself left it too late to order my "Still recovering from LOST" T-shirt so I went as pregnant Russo, which surprised a few parents doing the drop off....yep they thought baby no 7 was on the way.....obviously a very convincing costume. Lol.

"It only ends once....the rest is just....progress." Jacob.

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