Tuesday, May 26, 2015

That ONE time when I was AHEAD OF MY TIME.....

We get idea overload from Pinterest these days, but oh there are some awesomely clever people out there to pick the brains of...and sometimes I'm one of them....YAY!

I have a friend who pins about shoes a lot. Sugar skull shoes, sparkle shoes....you get the idea.

Anyway I recently remembered that back in 2003, Miss 21, who was then about 10, was still doing modelling.  This was before Facebook and Pinterest were around, in Australia anyway, and mobile phones didn't take photos unless you had the latest most expensive version. Even then I'm still not sure they did. Our first digital camera was an absolute CHUNK from Kodak. It took 6 mega pixel photos.  Blocky enlargements, oh my!

They were given a retro theme for graduation. Her outfit was a striped boob tube with a ruffle up top where you're boobs normally should be, and spaghetti ties around the neck, white denim hot pants and we were struggling for some way to dress up her long thin baby giraffe legs. Her hair was quite short at that time so I streaked it and we poofed it up with glitter hairspray.

Scouring through the op shops I came across black platform boots.  I completely spray painted them white first.  Then I sprayed the platform part of the boot silver.  Using spray adhesive I attached fairy glitter from the Stamp It Up! range on the platform of the boot to complete the glitter gogo boot transformation.  These days you would you Modge Podge to hold the glitter in place, or a similar alternative.

But I don't have any pictures!  I never occurred to me to take photos of these awesome boots I had made. Miss 21 didn't win any prizes on the night but the judges came and spoke to me afterwards and they were all talking about those boots!  They were astonished that I had made them.

Anyway I have Googled some pictures to try and give you an idea of what I worked with and how the glitter had looked when completed.

We stored them in the cupboard in separate pillow slip cases but Miss 21 did not stuff them with anything so a couple of years later we took them out to have a look and the white paint had creased where the leather had folded over in storage and the glitter was falling off the base. So we through them out. It was really too late for pics. 

Looking back through the photos from that night, I have pics of Miss 21 standing, kneeling, but not in one single shot can you see those boots. I have scoured my 2003 videos and apparently I didn't tape that year. *sigh*  

These days I'd have 100 photos on my phone just of her boots!

 Oh and before I forget; I paid $10 for the boots from GSI.

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