Sunday, September 27, 2015

Minecraft Cake

Saw it on Pinterest.....TOTALLY NAILED IT!

The year has been so rough I forgot to Blog about Master 14's birthday cake.

I actually had a Minecraft Pinterest board already made for a friends son but it was actually a picture uploaded to Arty Farty Peeps on Facebook, of a cake made by James McDonald, that was my favourite and I chose to copy. My board can be found here.

This is the picture of the cake by James McDonald

It was pretty easy to do without any recipe as such, just the picture as a guide.  I made a chocolate crackle slab, a white chocolate crackle slab and a blue jelly slab.  I also made a basic chocolate cake slab.  All these items were made the day before.

On the day of the party I whipped up a batch of green butter cream icing and started cutting and sticking everything together on the cake board.  It was not without mishap.

I already had the Wilton Grass/Hair Tip.

Aside from ingredients for the cake the only thing I bought was a couple of plastic Minecraft sets that were for sale at Target.  I printed off some of the paper templates from my Pinterest board but decided against using them.

I was worried the cake wasn't impressive enough, or maybe even too babyish for a 14 year old boy but it was yummy and Master 14 said his friends loved it.

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