Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Very Special Pregnancy Album

I cannot really tell you my SIL's story of her journey to motherhood as it is not mine to tell; but I can testify that she had a very long and often disheartening road until, miraculously, she was blessed with a healthy son just in time for Christmas.

My SIL has always had a very special relationship with her nieces, my girls, so it was really important to my SIL to include them in her pregnancy shoot, as well as my MIL.

There can be a wonderful bond formed between mother and daughter when a baby is on the way.  

I believe their collective joy is obvious in the pictures I took.

I've also been told in the past that being presented with an empty scrapbook can seem more like a chore than a gift, so I have started handing my photos over, only to the very special people in my life, in completed scrapbooks. 

I include jounalling spaces, but leave them blank.

Like I said;  It's not my story to tell.

I would however like to share some of the scrapbook pages I created in my SIL's album.



Not as special a Christmas gift as her new little son, but hopefully a close second. :-)





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