Sunday, May 15, 2016

What It Means To Be DID On THIS Day; May 15, 2016

Short & sweet.

What it means to be DID on this very day in May....

1.  I'm trapped in a fat unhealthy body that reminds me of an albino Jabba the Hutt & there's nothing I can do about it.


2.  The buck stops with me, no matter what the 'buck' is. Everyone else has an excuse or a reason for why everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, ultimately falls on my shoulders.

3. There is no point asking for help.

4. I have to do everything myself. If it doesn't get done it's because I didn't do it.


5. If by some miracle someone does try to help me by doing something for me, it'll be wrong. Thats not me being picky. It WILL BE WRONG.

6. Because nobody around me listens to me about how I'd like things done. Noone here cares as much as I do about doing things right.

7.  As I pull up into my driveway I see a house & yard that should have had money spent on it, except my husband and children are obsessed with buying the latest consoles, the latest games, the latest gadets & technology that ultimately are just THINGS and are a waste of money. I'm drowning in plastic debt because of plastic THINGS.


8. Somehow by being a go getter I've raised a lazy family/household. I thought you were supposed to lead by example???

9.  I'm not coping well with being trapped in a house full of people who dont like me.

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