Sunday, June 12, 2016

Photos With Mum

It's universally acknowledged that, more often than not, Mum is the picture taker.

And that of course means that she is not present in many photos with her children unless it's a professional family portrait.

This is why I LOVE selfies in a year when so many people are bagging out on the colossal amount digital images we are creating by the minute, and how many of those are 'vain' selfies of attention seekers, drama queens & narcissists..... O.o

I just seriously love photos, especially of my children, as my mother was not big on taking photos, & when I was young and first had children, it was still a big deal to not only find a half decent camera you could afford, but then to also get them printed.  

Glitter in the bedroom...what WAS I thinking??? :-/
So SHINY!!! :-D
The quality of todays photos are amazing compared to the colour challenged Polaroids I grew up with and the grainy inside shots taken with the wrong film in a point and click analogue camera.

So pretty!!
My two youngest girls & I did so many things during our time down south in the lead up to Christmas, & then in the City over the Christmas period.

In the city it was just the 3 of us; Miss 3, Miss 6 & myself. I took many photos of them exploring Kings Park, their excitement at the amount & variety of playgrounds around, & special time spent with friends & family who were able to visit with us briefly.

I really only took a couple of selfies with the girls. And I'm so glad I did. Together with a selfie of myself & Miss 10 at last years Primary Presentation Night, I've been working on creating 3 special frame 'sets'.

Today I'm sharing pics of the first.

I deliberately worked on Miss 6's first as I wanted her to have it to look upon during her recovery from her recent operation.

All 3 frame 'sets' will be very different, not only reflecting the differences between the girls personalities, but also taking into account the colours in each photo.

2 of the amazing prints I purchased from Dream Big Printables

I also had some prints from Dream Big Printables that I framed and put on her bedside from the night before her Op.

Miss 4 & 6 sleeping soundly next to the newly framed 'be brave'.

Miss 10 asked to decorate her own photo set, meaning it WILL be truly unique compared to the other two.

I LOVE helping my children to craft & create art!!

One down, 2 to go!  Watch this space! ;-)

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