Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Deeper Word

Just like Art Journals, when I first saw Bible Journaling, I didn't get it.

I'm not against writing in your Bible. In fact I'm all for it. I've even used pages from 2nd hand Bibles in my mixed media work & canvases.

But I saw all these painted Bible pages on Instagram & Pinterest and thought "What...?"

Just like that..."What..?" ☺

So after doing some research I found out that you can use any type of Bible but yes there were some purpose made Bibles for Bible Journaling that had a single column of text per page & extra white space at the margins.

I found some great blogs for beginners. However the Bible most commonly recommended was out of stock everywhere except Amazon, and they are selling it for over $100US.

Say it with me again... "What..?"

Thankfully just about every time I browse The Book Depository they have a sale on & worldwide postage is free (yay!).

My order arrived in under 10 days & now these beautiful Journaling Bibles await being wrapped & placed under the Christmas tree this year.

The Beautiful Word Journaling Bible, specifically, is currently available in 3 different styles, the photos of which I'm sharing today, with large print to be released in early 2017.

For myself I went with the faux chocolate leather cover. I'm so keen to get into Bible Journaling that I was okay with the slightly higher outlay for a more special looking Bible. 

As my girls Bibles are gifts & I don't known yet whether they will enjoy it (but I think they will) I went with the less expensive style; the hard cover. Also from what I see other people doing, once you fill a Bible up you start a new one, just like a written or art journal, so I figure if they really get into it, which I hope they will, these won't be their one and only Journaling Bible, just the first of many...

Miss 23's Bible is exactly like mine inside with colour & monochrome illustrations already printed on pages, with plenty of blank space for your own. The style of the illustrations & the nature of the craft is such that you can embellish the existing artwork if you wish or completely paint over it with your own.

For the 3 younger girls I purchased the Beautiful Word Colouring Bible. Inside it is filled with illustrations that are waiting to be coloured. Miss 4 probably won't use hers yet but it will be there for her when she is.

I'm so excited to get started I want to be doing this yesterday, but I am still working on teacher & Christmas gifts. With so much going on in the next few months though Christmas will be here in no time & I am really, really going to enjoy sitting down with my girls over the Christmas holidays & getting my art on...

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