Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Four Sided Photo Display

I've recently started following quite a few international - non AU or USA - on Instagram and the talent out there is just so amazing...mind blowing.  And so much creativity which I feel has come about due to either the lack of pre-made art/scrapbook supplies OR the inability to afford pre-made supplies that are available.

These amazing ladies are binding their own books to make albums; for themselves & for others.

I encourage you to look further afield when cruising Instagram and even Pinterest for inspiration and fresh ideas.

The texture paste drying

So I decided to challenge myself with my latest photo project.  All my gifts were done & posted for Christmas - this one was purely for me.

Ever since I made my coaster photo set from scratch (back in 2008 before you could buy wood coaster bases from Kaisercraft) I've enjoyed making photo gifts/displays where the pictures on display can be changed or swapped out easily. 

Here you can see one side laid out as the texture paste dries, with no paint added yet, just raw product/paper/board.

The idea for this stand was simply born out of the new Instagram accounts I had started following in the last few months of last year. 

I challenged myself to use packaging scraps, like cardboard backing, and turn it into a photo display.  I could have purchased and used metal hinges but I really wanted to only use supplies in my home that had already been purchased in some form or another.

Watching paint dry.....

I had white cardboard backing from the packaging of a Creative Memories product I had used to make a Christmas gift. The white card made up the main section of my 'canvas' that I planned to display the photos on.

In the picture above you can see the base of my triangle 'frame'.  That base piece of card was cut specifically to size to make it similar proportions to the other two pieces of card.  It was also leftover packaging in a normal cardboard colour.  To the base card I glued two cut to measure pieces of white paper.  They had to be wide enough to allow the whole frame to hinge easily.  Up the top under the clip is two more pieces of white off-cut paper trimmed to size. They just needed to be wide enough to allow the clip to do its job without getting in the way of the decorations that would be added.

...and then it sat like this for weeks :-/

The cardboard need to not only be strong enough to hold up in the triangle position but it also had to bear the weight of the texture paste I added.  I used a brick wall stencil.  I had to let one side dry thoroughly before I could turn it over and do the other side. The plan was to display four photos on four sides, each side decorated slightly differently but harmoniously to the other 3 sides.

Once all of the texture paste had been applied and dried I used a small paint roller to mix a pale blue Kaiser paint with white. I was going for a shabby paint look.  I was very happy with the paint results and it was time to decorate but for some reason my inspiration left me and I stalled out on the decorating front for many weeks.

I would walk into my room, fiddle around with bits and pieces, and then just walk out again without making any progress.

One quiet day just before Christmas I laid out the '1st side' that you see pictured here, but once again I procrastinated and didn't glue it down for many days.  I got annoyed with myself because we had visitors coming for Christmas and I really wanted the pictures to be on display. So I shut my bedroom door one day, the 'canvas' laid out fully with two sides facing me, and started gluing..... up-side-down....

I kid you not. I had been looking at it upside down, somehow forgetting it had to fold upwards to be held in place by the clip *insert eye roll*

So I had to redesign that whole '1st side' based on the fact that the yellow Project Life card and the bit of lace scrap were now glued down the bottom instead of the top..... 

*eye twitch*

Anyway, obviously there are worse things lol so I persevered and of all 4 sides, the first one is my favourite. Both side 1 & 2 contained black and white photos so I focused on using colour, particularly blue and colours that would compliment the blue background (remember I'm colourblind lol)

Side 2 I was not as happy with.  It just didn't feel like it gelled as well as the 1st side. But everyone else on The Committee (Miss 23, MIL, Miss 11 & both boys) loved it so *shrugs*

Sides 3 & 4 were for two colour photographs.  Below is side 4 which I started working on after I planned side 3.  Side 3 was a struggle but after fossicking through my stash I had a clear idea for side 4 so I ran with that one first; planned, glued etc.  I love it. The 'When We Were Young' die cut word from Dusty Attic (purchased from Scrapbook House, Geraldton) tied the whole project together, conveying the nostalgia that I feel for these pictures taken a year ago, for a much loved nephew that I now rarely get to see.

Side 4 above and below.  

Apologies for the quality of the pics, I was experiencing muscle tremors from my Neuro disorder the day that I took them. :-)

Blurry close up :-)

Below is side 3 and appears to be decorated in a similar way to side 1 but I combined the metal work from side 2 and the floral decoration from side 1, to make all four sides cohesive. 

The grey and black paper scraps used for sides 3 & 4 create a great contrast with the colour photos.

The photos themselves are protected inside Creative Memory clear photo sleeves.  I have done this for a few of my photo projects, and unless I use a decoration or something to seal the ends, you can change the pictures out from inside the sleeve over time if you wish but I was pretty solid from the start that these pictures would be staying for good; I love them so much.

It is always a challenge to use floral accents on boy themed pages.

Close up of Heidi Swapp planner accents

So pleased with how it turned out, and how I didn't purchase one item for this project, every piece of paper, flower, accent and ephemera was already in my house/stash. 

I would definitely make a photo gift in the same style again - it can be sent flat for cheaper postage - the only thing I would do differently is not procrastinate so much and finish it quicker!! lol

For video of Miss 23 showing how the sides can be rotated to change the pictures on display go to Just Ali on Facebook.

If you have any questions about product used or processes that I may not have explained clearly just post a comment here or head over to Just Ali on Facebook.

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